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April 1st, 2006 (10:25 pm)

Well, I kinda havent updated for a while >_> lazy, havent felt like updateing XD. Sorryy everyone T_T
Well, what have a doing in the last two weeks? not much XD. My Holidays have ended and I have been 1 weekthrough term 2. though easter break is only 2 weeks away, another week of holidays xD, but then another 12 weeks after that. I know, this year terms are super messed ^^;

Mostly what I have been doing is playiong Oblivion! I looooove that game ^__^ so good. And most of you have probably noticed that on msn I have always been busy. I've been playing =3 anyways, I'll make a nice long entry on the last twoweeks, for lack of updateing XD

During the last holiday week I watched some more naruto, I am up to ep 125 now =3 I havent watched anymore since getting oblivion though. I havetn watched anything at all since XD I've also been doodling a bit and stuff XD

on wednesday I went to Sarah's place and slept over ^^ first just went on msn for a bit, on the laptop that has a virus or soemthing on it. Attack of the firefox! xD. After a couple of minutes millions and millions of firefox windows pop up, and don't allow you to open any other windows, and if you close them even more come up. and you can barely do antyhing. so I just gave up andf shut it off XD my dad is going to take a look at it sometime and see if he can fix it XD hopefully it can be fixed ^^

we just talked about stuff, went to buy some ingredients for pancakes which I made the next morning ^^ my dad taught me, hehe ^^ it's the thin flat type, and all you need is flower, egg, oil and milk XD I don't know how to make the smaller, thicker ones, because I never had made them, same with my dad.

we also started watching Shawshank Redemption[sp?] but we were both very tired so we decided to watch it in the morning. but we didn't get to finish it because we forgot xD; so I guess we'd have to finish it another day.

The next day we met Sara at a shopping centre and just walked around and talked. lol. was fun xD then later we went back and watched a few eps of simpsons, before getting driven home.

And when I got home I had a migraine headache >_< I think I got it maybe because my bracers just got tightnened wednesday morning, and it really hurts, I was anable to chew on anything ~_~ it was unfourtunate because I really wanted to play oblivion which came out that day, but I was unable to sit at the computer XD; . So I rested for a few hours then got up when my headache was only a more medium one, headaches are so evil. So then I started to play Oblivion, and it is AWESOME! really awesome! =D I've played it for about 20-30 hours now, and I am at level 16 ^^ [am slow xD] and I've just explored most of the centre bit in around the imperial main city and currently exploring the dungeons around there. The graphics also very pretty *_* there are many improvements from morrowind, and it's very good ^^

on the weekend I saw Firewall on saturday night, it was pretty cool. And sunday went to Claire's to play Ticket to Ride. I was falling asleep the first half of teh game, just stocking up on train cards xD I was verry tired. and the board was upside down for me so I kept confusing myself with the train desinations @_@
but later on in the game I then started building my trains so I got more awake. and I ended up winning XD I often win at that game, I find O.o it's fun though =3

and then last week went back to my school ^^ it was pretty good I guess. hardly any HW. VCAL is so good! so little HW and everythign is heaps better then high school =DD it rocks ^^

Tuesday had multimedia, and math and stuff. I was tired that day. I was pretty much tired all week. I need to get catch up sleep since on my holidays my sleep keeps getting messed. I was falling asleep in math class XD and the teacher asked me to pay attention >> lucky that the class is easy XD

Wednesday had improvisation and mask making class xD impro was pretty cool. we got the cool teacher we have for oral communication. he's really funny xD we also did some really weird warmup excersises during class... and after that Jeff[the teacher] got one of the people from the class, and they walked into the next room, then they went back out, the person from the class standin in front of us, then we like commented on stuff they did XD but while they went back to the other room we all switched seats, and we did it several times. but I don't think they noticed XD it was funny though, lol.

after lunch we had class on making masks, first we were just watching this video, bu then after we went to another building to make them. we get a partner and had to put vaseline on our faces, that was so yuck X_x and you put these tissue things on your eyes so no plasta, then out partner puts these plasta square thingies in water then on your face. and covers it completley. it feels pretty yuck, I was relived when it was over =3 We also ended up leaving late. that day we are supposed to finish at 3:00 but instead we ended up leaving at like 3:40 ^^;

after that was english. we wrote short stories on these topics. which we did a few times before. mine is really bad so far ~_~ I think I'll probably start again. I am stuck xD
I might put up some of the short stories I write up here, so you's can have a read of them XD definately not submitting to DA since they aren't really very good >_>

I was also laughing allot during the class, well during the brake. I forgot what I was laughing about, but I remember Iwas laughing heaps and yeah >_> haha. I sometimes laugh so much, I think I scare some people >_>. Once when I was laughing when on msn my dad said I sounded like an evil madperson O.o lol.

when I got home that day, around 6pm-ish, my dad got home a few mins after me, in a bad mood. and told me to clean the house. ~_~ finishing late on thursdays sucks coz I gotta clean the house really quickly as soon as I get home coz my dad's freinds coem over to play boardgames. though it's not always at my house. It switches each week so sometimes it's at one of my dad's friends' houses. I had a headache that night and was really tired so not too happy about cleaning as soon as I get home, but I did it anyway ^^;

Friday I had Oral Communication and Art, and I'm getting kinda lazy now, and badly want to play oblivion so can't be bothered typing about it. XD. I also bought Gravitation after school that day =DDD it just came out here, and it's 3 discs stuffed in only one thin case, and was only $47 ^_^ I was previously going to order it from america eventually, but it would have been ridiculously expensive, like $160 or something X_x glad I didn't order xD

and then after school I met up with a friend from my old highschool; Victoria ^^ I ran into her earlier on the bus to the the trainstation. we also ran into each other once before at a bustop XD we both go to TAFE now, but we start and finish at different times so that's why I don't run into her very often. but it was nice to meet up with her and it will be good to keep in touch =3

andd after that I played oblvion... and played more oblivion, and drew a bit on my contest pic I am working on, and slept. XD

today I had another big headache X_x I slept in till 3pm because of it. I hate these headaches >< I keep getting them. I will try to drink more water now. I keep drinking milk instead XD *loves milk*

and I think I have typed enough for now XD. whoo~ long entry 8D. It's length probably scared everyone away >_>. If you actaully read all that, you are awesome and you deserve a cookie! =D, and I will mail it to you 8D [or give it to you if I know you in real life XD] hahaha. I will now go play oblivion then go to sleep. Seeyaz all! ^-^