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shadowdragon22 [userpic]

April 24th, 2006 (03:34 am)

haha, finally decided to update properly xD I'm so lazy whith entries xD
well.. lately havent been doing too much. these holiday I've been drawing, chatting, drawing, playing obivion and drawing XD. Nothing else really, oh yeah.. sleeping and eating, of course XD.

I have been in a crazy drawing mood lately, drawing so much XD as you can probably see I uploaded like 7 deviations on DA in about 1 week ^^ so much for me to upload at once xD; I am pretty happy with how some of those came out too =3. I havent put uop that many in a long time, I don't think I ever did actually.. O.o [except when I first joined DA, but that don't count 8D] and I'm drawing another pic right now~ really really overdue art trade >_> like 1st quater last year X_x;; gotta get all those trades/requests doneee~ >_>

Haha, 4000x4000 pixels, and the lineart alone is already like 25 layers @_@ I am trying to maek it worth the wait, eheh >_>
lol, I draw so big now. I used to draw on like 2 layers at like 200-600 pixels, and I just zoomed in. and before that only one layer. And I used to be obsessed with the smudge tool xD; I don't use it very often anymore~ just use tablet pressue level and opacity to blend in xD;

My sleep pattern has again gotten messed on my holidays. Have been staying up till like 6am pretty often, and going to sleep at random times during the day [haha... it's 7am here right now .-.]

I also got a subbie on DA! I'm really happy about that =DDDD It was so nice of Iso to get one for me ^__^ I luff subbie~~ =DDDDD

I have also been feeling sick a bit, and getting headaches ~_~ I hate that so much. It's probably coz I'm not really eating and sleeping properly ^^; had quite a few instant noodles lately >_> and lots of coffee XD;
today went shopping, after like 2 weeks or so. The only food in the hosue was a box 20 Mi Goreng instant noodles, a pack of frozen veggies, 2 packets of chikcen soup, and coke ^^;

Before the holidays in my really short 3-week term didn't do too much either. in Theatre arts making a mask for mask and mime performance we are doing a little later in the year, I got the idea for a ninja-bird, or a bird or some sort xD. For some reason that is stuck in my head ._. ah well xD

and in multimedia we were just thinking up ideas for a video clip we are making, and also learning how to use Final Cut Pro, this video editing program. My group decided on this Alice in Wonderland video clip, with an evil and a good alice. and it's like dark and stuff x3 that's going to be funn~ first time ever making a short movie before too. hehe. It's going to be fun =3

I also have dyed my hair! x33 it is now Blue-Black. looks more black though xD I am going to also be putting blue streaks in it, hehehe =D was going to do that like 2 weeks ago actually but we didn't have time, and then we were going to do it these holidays but no plans were organised, so I guess it will be done next term sometime~

the week before the holiday I went out so much O.o normally I don't go out at all 8D; on monday went to shops with Kat, Brennan and Daniel. and we just looked around and stuff... wednesday went to brennan's house with Daniel. I like fell asleep while Daniel and Brennan were playing Mario Kart. I was soo tiredd. but felt much better after a short sleep xD We then went to Kat's opening dance classes thing, which I thik was called Katreaow. xD She teaches hip-hop style dancing, and is a very good dancer too ^^
haha, I can't dance at all, I was sooo hopeless 8D; tooo fassttt~ I kept forgetting the routine and I was just bad xD;

on thursday I think I did something but I cannot remember what.. O.o ah well xD.
oh wai,t now I remember.. and it wasn't thursday it was tuesday xDD;; Brennan came over to my house after school, and we just went on msn. and didn't do anythingg. Kat, Daniel, and Aeryn were also supposed to come, but weren't able to T_T ah well. I wasn't feeling very well anyways. We were going to play Express, the railroad card game, but I felt to sick to play it XD; so we just talked on msn. I didn't go to school the next day o.o. My first absence xD; much improvement since last year. I was absesnt very often >_> hahaha.
and I think I got my weeks mucked ^^; I must have been the wednesday before I went to Kat's dancing xD.

On friday went to Kat's dancing competition, which was all the way in Essendon X_x;
firstly we went to Brennan's house, again. Lol, this time Daniel was the one that fell asleep xDD;
then we left at around 8 or something. we were supposed to be there at like 7:30.. ._. we were so sure that we would have missed Kat's performance, but we went anywayss. and arrived at around 9-something, and luckily we didn't miss it! ^_^ she was on a bit after we arrived and she and her group Beatphonik were awesome!! haha, they ended up winning too! ^__^ it was worth going, so gald we didn't miss it XD.
I ended up getting back to the train station close to my house at like midnight ^^; the buses weren't running anymore so I had to call my dad on a payphone so he could pick me up xD. it's so scary going around a shopping centre alone at midnight .-.

and that's al that happened really XDD

other then that I have been playing quite a bit of Oblivion [still xD]
It's a very good game ^_^. Sooo much better then Morrowind xD.
I have been playing 62 hours and I done like NONE of the main quest yet 8D;; same with my dad. he has done none either~ lol. I have mostly been doing random quests in differnt towns or guild quests, and explosring and stuff like that xDD. My character is a Dark Elf, who does mostly fightning, and a little magic. and also steals stuff. I break into peoples houses >D.
I never use the bow though, I'm not really a bow person in video games. never use em' But the few times I used them it can be fun to see all the arrows sticking out of you enemy xDD;;

haha, I also like playing with the physics engine. I once picked up a dead rat and made it look like it was dancing >_> hehe, so weirded XD and once a dead creture was rolling down a hill and that was really weird O.o hahaha.

my dad also has been putting his character on autorun and been running into a corner and left it on overnight, so he could increase his athletics skill xD. I'd try that too, but athletics is one of my major skills and I don't want to level up using only that xD. I would have horrible stats then and then get killed 8D.
and with improving armour and block skill just find a rat, sit there and let it attack you xD;. weirded ways of increasing your stats, but they work XD.

I always max out my endurance attribute as fast as I can. because it affects how much HP you get per level, so I wanna get as many as I can xD. the others just increase you maximum stuffs. not per levle 8D
my endurance is maxed, with strength being close to maxed xD with intelligence and willpower coming after, at about 70 or so~

anyways... I think I shall stopp boring you all, and will end this entry now XD
Seeyaz all~ till ze next update. ^^