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shadowdragon22 [userpic]

(no subject)

January 21st, 2010 (02:20 am)

My new Mp3 player arriveded in the mail today =DDDD

haha i have been mp3-less for a while ]= my old one broke, because my dad's front usb connection to his computer was stuffed, and when i plugged it in, it killed my mp3.. ;_;
and then Daniel gave me his old one because he didn't want it, and I can see whyy. It was so dodgy, really frustrating to navigate, looks like an ipod rip off on the outside, and really cheap when you look at the menus, and stopped allowing me to put new sogns on it after a while, also when trying to play music, allot of the songs the screen would go blue with a black bar in the centre. and then, the sound started getting stuffed too, i could only hear sound through one headphone, no matter what headphoens weer plugged in, and that is really annoying.

I also was using my dad's one for a while, because i didn't have a proper working one, and then when out with my friend, i tripped, and fell to the ground, and broke the mp3 in the process, because it was in my pocket and i fell on it ;_; I felt really bad about it, and now will be buying him another one, which i haven't yet because he hasn't decided what model he wants XD.

I also decided to order one from ebay, and it just arrived today =D
it's a shiny black samsung~


I love the black and blue glowiness <3 black with blue glowies is the best, hehe.

I'd post a real photo, if i had a working camera xD I really sohuld buy one soon, I miss taking photos of random objects at weird angles.

ah my sleep pattern is SO SHTUFFED Dx I have been going to sleep between 5am-10am .-. I really needd to fix it, especially since it's my birthday party BBQ thing on friday and I need to get up at 12 to prepare XD. [i been waking up 4-5pm lately....]It should be fun though =3 just hopee i get sleep beforehand XD i might need lotsa coffee~

The wather has also been so colld lately, my brand new air con hasn;t been usd that much at all. I have actually been using it as a HEATER. Yay for Melbourne and it's crazy weather XD, 43 degrees one day then freezing the next.

Other than that there's not much else happening, I've just been playing Grandia and King's Bounty, and the other day my friend Sarah slept over and we had an anime marathon, and watched almost all of Kuroshitsuji together, and then I finished it off when she left XD.

I'd post more WIP's, sketches and such if I had done anything new Dx i haven't been drawing much at all lately, though i have started doing the charity meme for DA, and will hopefully not take too long to get that done =3

Wah this entry has become pretty long.. O_o well at least i have started to use this thing again =3 even though most of the entries are going to be pretty boring, like this one. as my life is not that exciting XD. But i will try to post the occasional art update, when i actually make some art ^^

shadowdragon22 [userpic]

(no subject)

January 14th, 2010 (04:45 am)

OMG IT'S AN UPDATE! After.. like 4 years?!!? o_o [Thanks to Syn for inspiring me to write an entry <3]

haha I finally decide to bring my LJ back from the dead. I dunno if i will keep it active but I'll try to update once in a while >.>

So I'm on summer holidays now and have just recently moved house, and now have the computer in my room, yay for having privacy =D I also have AIR CON, it cost me allot but it's worht it hehe, I hate hot weather xD now i can sleep well on hot nightss x3

Other then moving, packing and cleaning, my summer holidays been pretty normal, just the usual anime watching, gaming and occasionally going out to see friends. It's really not that exciting so i don't really have much to write about, and i can't be bothered typing a super long entry like the ones I used to do XD

I'm also going to be turning TWENTY ONE very soon, in less than 2 weeks, on the 24th jan! so soonn. going to be so ollld XD. I will be having a BBQ birthday party thing, and having maybe 12 people over max, nothing too big. I don't like being around heaps of people and i can't be bothered planning something huge anwyays XD. So a bbq should be good ^^ i have a pretty nice backyard and my dad bought a gazebo which is really nice to sit under, so hopefully it will be good weather so we can sit outside ^^

I also thought that maybe i should post up some WIP's of current pictures i am working on, and hope to finish soon >.> *is VERY slow*

Go under cut to see WIPs <3

images =DCollapse )

shadowdragon22 [userpic]

an update. FINALLY

July 16th, 2006 (12:53 pm)

well, I finally decide to update my LJ... after... quite a while XD *been lazeh*
well.. quite a bit has happened I guess. can't really be bothered typing about it all. haha.
saw some performances, had holidays, performed, saw friends. lol. so yeah.

I also got a layout ^_^ I was getting sick of the boring black and grey default one. So I decided to go use one, this layout Kumori used to have, it's an awesome Sasuke one ^_^. and also big thanks to her for helping out with putting it on! I had some problems with it, lol. there was a little bug in the coding which wrecked the layout XD

I was going to be getting a layout from Aeryn but no idea what happened with that... So I'll just use this one until I get it, if I ever do XD;

hmm... I have also formed a little obsession with the japanese band w-inds. and Keita[lead singer] ._. [most of you would probably know already anyways xD] hahahaha. They're awesome =D lol, so funny sicne it's usually anime characters xD

the games I've been playing lately have mostly been Heroes of Might and Magic V, and Oblivion. I am just trying to focus on those two atm, so I can actually finish them 8D; I often start a game, then go start something else, and so on. Then I never finish anything ^^; TOO MANY GAMES TO PLAY @___@ dunno where to start XD

Right noe it is lunch break and I'm just sitting in the computer lab. I'm pretty bored, dunno what to dooo D: hahaha. That's why I'm typing this, lol. I was going to be playing the card game Express this lunch time, but it didn't happen. lunch is like ending in 5 mins or something XD

I had NO sleep last night, none XD; I'm so dead, but then I go into rando,m hyperness, lol. but I am struggling to stay awake for a bit of the time. right now... I just feel okay XD but I think I'm going to want to go straight to bed when I get home, haha. but nooo, I gotta do cleaning T_T

well, lunch is over~! gotta go now xD Seeyaz alll!

shadowdragon22 [userpic]

(no subject)

May 20th, 2006 (04:52 pm)

yays, update from meh~ x3

well... lately not too much been happening, well some stuff O.o. haha TAFE been fun, lol, yesterday we watched last year's Eurovision for Oral Communication. We've been watching quite a few movies in that class.. one was rather sick and weird O.o'
Eurovision was cool =D I was going to watch the finals thing for this year last night at home but my TV i my room has no antenna, so no channels 8D;. I never watch TV so didn't think I needed one, lol XD;;;

The multimedia movie is going... badly T_T. We ditched the alice in wonderland idea because half the group wasn't doing anything and we just couldn't do it. so now it's just me, brennan and daniel. and we don't know what we are doing X_x;. Kay said she could probably help as well, and one of Brennan's friends as well, so that's good ^^. I am also going to help out in Kat's group as well, because I want to do GOOD in multimedia, so helping out in several groups would probably be good XD;

and I'm performing in one week zomg o.o; sooo nervous. I also gotta set up the soundtrack for my performence ack X_x. I'm soo nervousss. I hope I do okay >_>. mine is like about a bird who loses his parents because they get killed by a hunter and then the bird finds a sword and kills the hunter in revenge.... ^^;

I also hurt my leg, it is like very difficult for me to walk at times ~_~; I think it is from that time me, Brennan and Daniel were walking around for like 3 hours to get to Brennan's house from a faraway station, then go get a DV Tape from JB Hi-Fi for multimedia, and I am not used to walking long distances for long periods of time *really unfit* X_x;
So it must have put too much strain on my foot or something, since I can't walk on it much. for a short while I am fine, but then if I walk for a bit it starts to really hurt, and I start walking around really funny looking very stupid, while walking very very slowly, trailing really behind >_>. It's been like that for the last week or so. my dad says it would probably take a couple of weeks to recover. T_T

haha, also just had my bracers tightnened yesterday and I can't bite into anything X_x; I can kinda use the side teeth [molars methinks they called] to chew though, nothing too hard though. I hate it when they get tightened, hurts so much every time X_x, but would never compare to how much they hurt when I first got the bracers, it was horrible XD; I couldn't even eat the softest of things XD.

but good news! I'm getting the top half off in 3 weeks!! YAY =DDD the bottom ones still need to stay for a while though XD;.

hehehe, I am also finally getting the blue streaks in my hair! ^_^ Kat's mum is going to do it for me on monday x3 she's hairdresser, so yah. =DDDDD can't wait ^_^ <3 Blue

I am finally setting up a paypal account xD;; I can soon pay for stuffs online, yay! =D.
I want to comission some peoples, buy subbies, and buy prints and stuffies XD. I already commissioned lunar for a start x3. because it would be easier to first commission someone I know and I need to get a hang of how paypal works XD. so yeahh.

I am STILL working on that art trade pic, very slowly XD working on BG now and taking forever. but I am not allowing myself to draw anything else until this is finished so I gotta finish it XD.

I can't wait till the holidays x3 - about 4 weeks away or something I think... something like 15th June till 2nd July methinks XD. I have no idea what I'll be doing - the usual probably; Oblivion, Drawing, Internet xD but... at the end of my holidays is Animania~! [then after that they will be over nuu T_T XD] and there's also Manifest closer to the end of the year which I also hope to go to x3.
I muuust go XD. Since I never went before T_T wanted to go for the last two years to an animecon XD. I probably won't cosplay though >_> since I know like NOTHING about making clothes, and it really feels like there isn't enough time. XD. and yayy! people are actualy going to come with me!! ^__^
there's also Kat's birthday party... which is on the SAME DAY X_x. hahah, luckily it's a different times so I should be able to go to both x3. since I think Animania finishes at 4.. and Kat's party ish at 7 xD. Would have been soo ebil if they were at the same times XD;

and... and...

I can't waiiiittt, another thing to look forward to on the end of my holidays =DDD and she's coming with me to animania!! ^___^ I'm soo exitedd! nervous too xDDD I'll probably be pretty shy at first... but it's going to be sooo awesome to meet her! after knowing her for 3 years on msn x333

and wow, I havent actuaklly played any oblivion lately XDD; kinda having a break from it I guess. hahaha, I also heard of this other game, that is a pparently supposed to be similar to Obliviob; tis' called Two Worlds... it looks interneting, though there isn't much info on it XD. I'll have to check it out, I wonder if it's going to be any good, lol. If it is I want to play it x3. *loves games like oblivion*

hehe, I also set up two screens onto my computer!! it was mostly to test it since the other screen is a TV screen xDD. Currently lacking a spare moniter that I can use constantly atm. the large 21 inch CRT moniter behind me cannot be used becaue Lochlan uses it when he comes over, and it's too heavy to move back and forth. and the other spares that were lying around have dissapeared XD. unfourtunately on the TV screen it is very fuzzy and you cannot read text, because they aren't as shart as computer moniters T_T.

I also have a little problem with the tablet. now half the tablet is one screen and the other half is the other screen... so horizontally the cursor is stuffed XD. it's really weird to draw. I can kind of but everything turns out stretched and stuff. my dad is going to have a look at that later, and hopefully fix it. It's so cool to be able to drag windows from screen to screen, hahaha 8D; the other screen right now has a bunch of photoshop windows on it on top of the desktop picture and it looks funny XD.

andd... I think that is it for the moment, ^^. Seeyaz everyone~! =D

shadowdragon22 [userpic]

More random doodleyness x3

May 4th, 2006 (11:19 pm)

well, I did some more random doodles on msn while talking to blue okami, again xDD; I am bored and I can't be botehred doign anything else atm ^^; all doodles in red are by her and the black ones are by me xD;

Random MSN Doodles XD [There are quite a few of them ^^;]Collapse )

andd that's all the doodles xD. hope you enjoyed. it was a fun convo =3.

Also I have stack to do in the next week/few weeks. Have to film the alice in wonderland clip on monday, finsih my mask by wednesday, write up a story/scenes for the performance by wednesday, also have to perform soemthing on wednesday too, so have to reherse as well. I have some basic ideas. gotta get it all together XD. need to use a soundtrack as well... I was thinking of using one of Yuki Kajiura's tracks xD. I am sooo nervous >_> performing in front of people, ahh X_x. hope I can write it up and everything on time >> perform in like 3 weeks @_@. have to stop messing around and wasting time XD. haha, also have that english assigmeng thingy xD.

well.. it is pretty late now, so I'd better go to sleep. I do not want to be dying of tiredness tomorrow XD. I have been doing that enough during the week >_>. Seeyaz everyone!! ^_^

shadowdragon22 [userpic]

so late... so earlyy... 8D

April 30th, 2006 (05:50 am)

hahaha... nearly 6am now XD; I am insane >_>;;

I am not even doing anything either, just sitting here... wasting time. I keep thinking "I should go to sleep" but then I don't do anything XD. I can't be bothered getting up from the computer .-.
It's like I might miss something, if I get off O.o.

I finished another picture, am working on art trade slowly.. and started fixing up one of my old pics [do that allot XD]

Whoo, I feel kind of dizzy @_@ must be from lack of sleep 8D; my hands are also frozen, and it's a bit hard to type xD; I will go to sleep... after I finish this entry... yes I will >_>. ehehe.

Well.. so far this weekend didn't do anything really. I stayed up till 2am yesterday. I was also being really clumsy, and I spilled a plate of hot fish [with sauce stuff in them] and rice in my lap X_x. Dunno how I managed to do that.. the plate kind of tipped. ^^;. It burrnnnssss x.x. it was fresh from the oven/rice cooker. Sooo stoopid of me >_>. After that I burnt my hand on the oven. then stepped on sticky rice on the floor... X_x

I really need to be more careful next time ^^;.

and I already run out of things to type about.. 8D *half dead*
I will go to sleep noww~ don't want to screw up my sleep pattern over a weekend. That's for holidays >>;

Seeyaz everyone~ =3

shadowdragon22 [userpic]

at Multimedia xD

April 27th, 2006 (09:52 am)

I'm in multimedia class now xD. just decided to update again =3
I'm so tired right now, I feel like I didn't really get enough sleep X_x I never feel like I get enough sleep ~_~ I'm also hungry XD can't wait for lunch~
Right now we are just learning stuff asbout final cut pro, this video editing program thing. Though I'm tired and don't think I'll remember all this >_> we are just watching the teacher anyways so I forget 8D.
haha, I'm also talking to Kumori on msn as well =3 it's this really annoying web messenger thing though >_> it's so slow and keeps cutting off my messages T_T. the normal msn has been banned~ *sigh*

My internet doesn't like me very much. it doesn't like connecting to things >> so ebil. like, on msn I can never do voice convos or webcam convos. have to use skype or some other program for that. I can't download anime from certain websites because the page just won't load ~_~. and I cannot sign on Aim at all. couldn't for ages. my dad checked it for a few mins then said he had no idea [he probably just couldn't be bothered ^^;]
playing online multiplayer never seems to work either, and I can't use that paintchat thingy that krytal keeps asking me to go on XD. I think all this might be he cause of the firewall on the router... but I dunno O.o.maybe my internet just hates me xD

well, as you can tell my easter break is overr~ I went back to school yesterday.
on the lasy few days didn't do too much. sunday night played oblivion, went food shopping then rented some movies. haha, I went to sleep like... 6-7am that night.. >_> ehehe. can't remember what I was doing... msn and drawing methinks xD.

Monday... woke up around 2pm or so. We were going to go buy chocolate, like late easter eggs ^^; but there wasn't any time since we had to watch the movies and return them by 7pm.

The movies we watched were Flight Plan, and Oceans 12.

I liked Flight Plan... it was in interesting xD. but Oceans 12.. I was compeltly bored by it >_> couldn't stand to watch it xD. My dad didn't like it either. he said 11 was better. but I havent seen it so I can't say ^^;.
I stopped watching after about 20 or so mins, then went on the computer instead. felt like a total waste of time xD. My dad watched it till the end though. I could still kind of watch it, since my computer and the TV are right next to each other.

We also got dodgy DVD's that are horribly scratched and covered in fingerprints, it kept freezing during the movie ~_~. I really hate that. It's not that hard to take care of a CD/DVD. all you do is take it out of the case, put it in the player, then when you finished, take it out and put it back in the case, and not touch the shiny side -_- it is not difficult. I dunno what people must do to those DVD's. Seriously. I don't care what they do to their own DVD's, they can damage it as much as they like. just hope that they learn something when it stops working on them >_>

After watching those movies I think I just played oblivion or something XD. and for dinner that night we had this Apricot Chicken curry stuff... it was interesting xD it sounded so weird, but it doesn't really taste weird. I just think it needed more variety in vegetables and stuff. tasted a little plain.

On Tuesday, I went to Claire's house with Sara. that was the only time seeing friends the whole holidays XD. we didn't do much, just went on the internet and talkedd. we hadn't seen each other for a while, so yeahh~ It was fun =3 I also printed some of my CD covers. I seriously need a printer of my own ~_~

well, I'd better finish off now. going to be working on final cut pro again. sooo, seeyaz everyonE~ =3

shadowdragon22 [userpic]

(no subject)

April 24th, 2006 (03:34 am)

haha, finally decided to update properly xD I'm so lazy whith entries xD
well.. lately havent been doing too much. these holiday I've been drawing, chatting, drawing, playing obivion and drawing XD. Nothing else really, oh yeah.. sleeping and eating, of course XD.

I have been in a crazy drawing mood lately, drawing so much XD as you can probably see I uploaded like 7 deviations on DA in about 1 week ^^ so much for me to upload at once xD; I am pretty happy with how some of those came out too =3. I havent put uop that many in a long time, I don't think I ever did actually.. O.o [except when I first joined DA, but that don't count 8D] and I'm drawing another pic right now~ really really overdue art trade >_> like 1st quater last year X_x;; gotta get all those trades/requests doneee~ >_>

Haha, 4000x4000 pixels, and the lineart alone is already like 25 layers @_@ I am trying to maek it worth the wait, eheh >_>
lol, I draw so big now. I used to draw on like 2 layers at like 200-600 pixels, and I just zoomed in. and before that only one layer. And I used to be obsessed with the smudge tool xD; I don't use it very often anymore~ just use tablet pressue level and opacity to blend in xD;

My sleep pattern has again gotten messed on my holidays. Have been staying up till like 6am pretty often, and going to sleep at random times during the day [haha... it's 7am here right now .-.]

I also got a subbie on DA! I'm really happy about that =DDDD It was so nice of Iso to get one for me ^__^ I luff subbie~~ =DDDDD

I have also been feeling sick a bit, and getting headaches ~_~ I hate that so much. It's probably coz I'm not really eating and sleeping properly ^^; had quite a few instant noodles lately >_> and lots of coffee XD;
today went shopping, after like 2 weeks or so. The only food in the hosue was a box 20 Mi Goreng instant noodles, a pack of frozen veggies, 2 packets of chikcen soup, and coke ^^;

Before the holidays in my really short 3-week term didn't do too much either. in Theatre arts making a mask for mask and mime performance we are doing a little later in the year, I got the idea for a ninja-bird, or a bird or some sort xD. For some reason that is stuck in my head ._. ah well xD

and in multimedia we were just thinking up ideas for a video clip we are making, and also learning how to use Final Cut Pro, this video editing program. My group decided on this Alice in Wonderland video clip, with an evil and a good alice. and it's like dark and stuff x3 that's going to be funn~ first time ever making a short movie before too. hehe. It's going to be fun =3

I also have dyed my hair! x33 it is now Blue-Black. looks more black though xD I am going to also be putting blue streaks in it, hehehe =D was going to do that like 2 weeks ago actually but we didn't have time, and then we were going to do it these holidays but no plans were organised, so I guess it will be done next term sometime~

the week before the holiday I went out so much O.o normally I don't go out at all 8D; on monday went to shops with Kat, Brennan and Daniel. and we just looked around and stuff... wednesday went to brennan's house with Daniel. I like fell asleep while Daniel and Brennan were playing Mario Kart. I was soo tiredd. but felt much better after a short sleep xD We then went to Kat's opening dance classes thing, which I thik was called Katreaow. xD She teaches hip-hop style dancing, and is a very good dancer too ^^
haha, I can't dance at all, I was sooo hopeless 8D; tooo fassttt~ I kept forgetting the routine and I was just bad xD;

on thursday I think I did something but I cannot remember what.. O.o ah well xD.
oh wai,t now I remember.. and it wasn't thursday it was tuesday xDD;; Brennan came over to my house after school, and we just went on msn. and didn't do anythingg. Kat, Daniel, and Aeryn were also supposed to come, but weren't able to T_T ah well. I wasn't feeling very well anyways. We were going to play Express, the railroad card game, but I felt to sick to play it XD; so we just talked on msn. I didn't go to school the next day o.o. My first absence xD; much improvement since last year. I was absesnt very often >_> hahaha.
and I think I got my weeks mucked ^^; I must have been the wednesday before I went to Kat's dancing xD.

On friday went to Kat's dancing competition, which was all the way in Essendon X_x;
firstly we went to Brennan's house, again. Lol, this time Daniel was the one that fell asleep xDD;
then we left at around 8 or something. we were supposed to be there at like 7:30.. ._. we were so sure that we would have missed Kat's performance, but we went anywayss. and arrived at around 9-something, and luckily we didn't miss it! ^_^ she was on a bit after we arrived and she and her group Beatphonik were awesome!! haha, they ended up winning too! ^__^ it was worth going, so gald we didn't miss it XD.
I ended up getting back to the train station close to my house at like midnight ^^; the buses weren't running anymore so I had to call my dad on a payphone so he could pick me up xD. it's so scary going around a shopping centre alone at midnight .-.

and that's al that happened really XDD

other then that I have been playing quite a bit of Oblivion [still xD]
It's a very good game ^_^. Sooo much better then Morrowind xD.
I have been playing 62 hours and I done like NONE of the main quest yet 8D;; same with my dad. he has done none either~ lol. I have mostly been doing random quests in differnt towns or guild quests, and explosring and stuff like that xDD. My character is a Dark Elf, who does mostly fightning, and a little magic. and also steals stuff. I break into peoples houses >D.
I never use the bow though, I'm not really a bow person in video games. never use em' But the few times I used them it can be fun to see all the arrows sticking out of you enemy xDD;;

haha, I also like playing with the physics engine. I once picked up a dead rat and made it look like it was dancing >_> hehe, so weirded XD and once a dead creture was rolling down a hill and that was really weird O.o hahaha.

my dad also has been putting his character on autorun and been running into a corner and left it on overnight, so he could increase his athletics skill xD. I'd try that too, but athletics is one of my major skills and I don't want to level up using only that xD. I would have horrible stats then and then get killed 8D.
and with improving armour and block skill just find a rat, sit there and let it attack you xD;. weirded ways of increasing your stats, but they work XD.

I always max out my endurance attribute as fast as I can. because it affects how much HP you get per level, so I wanna get as many as I can xD. the others just increase you maximum stuffs. not per levle 8D
my endurance is maxed, with strength being close to maxed xD with intelligence and willpower coming after, at about 70 or so~

anyways... I think I shall stopp boring you all, and will end this entry now XD
Seeyaz all~ till ze next update. ^^

shadowdragon22 [userpic]

(no subject)

April 1st, 2006 (10:25 pm)

Well, I kinda havent updated for a while >_> lazy, havent felt like updateing XD. Sorryy everyone T_T
Well, what have a doing in the last two weeks? not much XD. My Holidays have ended and I have been 1 weekthrough term 2. though easter break is only 2 weeks away, another week of holidays xD, but then another 12 weeks after that. I know, this year terms are super messed ^^;

Mostly what I have been doing is playiong Oblivion! I looooove that game ^__^ so good. And most of you have probably noticed that on msn I have always been busy. I've been playing =3 anyways, I'll make a nice long entry on the last twoweeks, for lack of updateing XD

During the last holiday week I watched some more naruto, I am up to ep 125 now =3 I havent watched anymore since getting oblivion though. I havetn watched anything at all since XD I've also been doodling a bit and stuff XD

on wednesday I went to Sarah's place and slept over ^^ first just went on msn for a bit, on the laptop that has a virus or soemthing on it. Attack of the firefox! xD. After a couple of minutes millions and millions of firefox windows pop up, and don't allow you to open any other windows, and if you close them even more come up. and you can barely do antyhing. so I just gave up andf shut it off XD my dad is going to take a look at it sometime and see if he can fix it XD hopefully it can be fixed ^^

we just talked about stuff, went to buy some ingredients for pancakes which I made the next morning ^^ my dad taught me, hehe ^^ it's the thin flat type, and all you need is flower, egg, oil and milk XD I don't know how to make the smaller, thicker ones, because I never had made them, same with my dad.

we also started watching Shawshank Redemption[sp?] but we were both very tired so we decided to watch it in the morning. but we didn't get to finish it because we forgot xD; so I guess we'd have to finish it another day.

The next day we met Sara at a shopping centre and just walked around and talked. lol. was fun xD then later we went back and watched a few eps of simpsons, before getting driven home.

And when I got home I had a migraine headache >_< I think I got it maybe because my bracers just got tightnened wednesday morning, and it really hurts, I was anable to chew on anything ~_~ it was unfourtunate because I really wanted to play oblivion which came out that day, but I was unable to sit at the computer XD; . So I rested for a few hours then got up when my headache was only a more medium one, headaches are so evil. So then I started to play Oblivion, and it is AWESOME! really awesome! =D I've played it for about 20-30 hours now, and I am at level 16 ^^ [am slow xD] and I've just explored most of the centre bit in around the imperial main city and currently exploring the dungeons around there. The graphics also very pretty *_* there are many improvements from morrowind, and it's very good ^^

on the weekend I saw Firewall on saturday night, it was pretty cool. And sunday went to Claire's to play Ticket to Ride. I was falling asleep the first half of teh game, just stocking up on train cards xD I was verry tired. and the board was upside down for me so I kept confusing myself with the train desinations @_@
but later on in the game I then started building my trains so I got more awake. and I ended up winning XD I often win at that game, I find O.o it's fun though =3

and then last week went back to my school ^^ it was pretty good I guess. hardly any HW. VCAL is so good! so little HW and everythign is heaps better then high school =DD it rocks ^^

Tuesday had multimedia, and math and stuff. I was tired that day. I was pretty much tired all week. I need to get catch up sleep since on my holidays my sleep keeps getting messed. I was falling asleep in math class XD and the teacher asked me to pay attention >> lucky that the class is easy XD

Wednesday had improvisation and mask making class xD impro was pretty cool. we got the cool teacher we have for oral communication. he's really funny xD we also did some really weird warmup excersises during class... and after that Jeff[the teacher] got one of the people from the class, and they walked into the next room, then they went back out, the person from the class standin in front of us, then we like commented on stuff they did XD but while they went back to the other room we all switched seats, and we did it several times. but I don't think they noticed XD it was funny though, lol.

after lunch we had class on making masks, first we were just watching this video, bu then after we went to another building to make them. we get a partner and had to put vaseline on our faces, that was so yuck X_x and you put these tissue things on your eyes so no plasta, then out partner puts these plasta square thingies in water then on your face. and covers it completley. it feels pretty yuck, I was relived when it was over =3 We also ended up leaving late. that day we are supposed to finish at 3:00 but instead we ended up leaving at like 3:40 ^^;

after that was english. we wrote short stories on these topics. which we did a few times before. mine is really bad so far ~_~ I think I'll probably start again. I am stuck xD
I might put up some of the short stories I write up here, so you's can have a read of them XD definately not submitting to DA since they aren't really very good >_>

I was also laughing allot during the class, well during the brake. I forgot what I was laughing about, but I remember Iwas laughing heaps and yeah >_> haha. I sometimes laugh so much, I think I scare some people >_>. Once when I was laughing when on msn my dad said I sounded like an evil madperson O.o lol.

when I got home that day, around 6pm-ish, my dad got home a few mins after me, in a bad mood. and told me to clean the house. ~_~ finishing late on thursdays sucks coz I gotta clean the house really quickly as soon as I get home coz my dad's freinds coem over to play boardgames. though it's not always at my house. It switches each week so sometimes it's at one of my dad's friends' houses. I had a headache that night and was really tired so not too happy about cleaning as soon as I get home, but I did it anyway ^^;

Friday I had Oral Communication and Art, and I'm getting kinda lazy now, and badly want to play oblivion so can't be bothered typing about it. XD. I also bought Gravitation after school that day =DDD it just came out here, and it's 3 discs stuffed in only one thin case, and was only $47 ^_^ I was previously going to order it from america eventually, but it would have been ridiculously expensive, like $160 or something X_x glad I didn't order xD

and then after school I met up with a friend from my old highschool; Victoria ^^ I ran into her earlier on the bus to the the trainstation. we also ran into each other once before at a bustop XD we both go to TAFE now, but we start and finish at different times so that's why I don't run into her very often. but it was nice to meet up with her and it will be good to keep in touch =3

andd after that I played oblvion... and played more oblivion, and drew a bit on my contest pic I am working on, and slept. XD

today I had another big headache X_x I slept in till 3pm because of it. I hate these headaches >< I keep getting them. I will try to drink more water now. I keep drinking milk instead XD *loves milk*

and I think I have typed enough for now XD. whoo~ long entry 8D. It's length probably scared everyone away >_>. If you actaully read all that, you are awesome and you deserve a cookie! =D, and I will mail it to you 8D [or give it to you if I know you in real life XD] hahaha. I will now go play oblivion then go to sleep. Seeyaz all! ^-^

shadowdragon22 [userpic]

Sasuke msn doodles! XD

March 14th, 2006 (11:56 pm)

Well, me and BlueOkami were just chatting on msn, and we doodled a few sasuke sketchies. well, only 3. XD

firstly I doodled this: [I know it looks horrible ._.]

Image hosting by Photobucket

then blueokami did this: [issen he soo cute? =DD]

Image hosting by Photobucket

Then after that I did this XD [I'm actually quite happy with this one ^^]

Image hosting by Photobucket

And that's all that was done, I was gonna doodle some more but she had to go, so we stopped there XD hope you's like em' =3
...I should do full body pics more >_> full body ish ebil XD I always stuff em up ^^; I neeed practice though.. ahah >>

and about today, I didn't do anything XD I was just on the computer and there's nothing worth typing about XD so I'll end this entry here ^^ Seeyaz all!

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