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shadowdragon22 [userpic]

at Multimedia xD

April 27th, 2006 (09:52 am)

I'm in multimedia class now xD. just decided to update again =3
I'm so tired right now, I feel like I didn't really get enough sleep X_x I never feel like I get enough sleep ~_~ I'm also hungry XD can't wait for lunch~
Right now we are just learning stuff asbout final cut pro, this video editing program thing. Though I'm tired and don't think I'll remember all this >_> we are just watching the teacher anyways so I forget 8D.
haha, I'm also talking to Kumori on msn as well =3 it's this really annoying web messenger thing though >_> it's so slow and keeps cutting off my messages T_T. the normal msn has been banned~ *sigh*

My internet doesn't like me very much. it doesn't like connecting to things >> so ebil. like, on msn I can never do voice convos or webcam convos. have to use skype or some other program for that. I can't download anime from certain websites because the page just won't load ~_~. and I cannot sign on Aim at all. couldn't for ages. my dad checked it for a few mins then said he had no idea [he probably just couldn't be bothered ^^;]
playing online multiplayer never seems to work either, and I can't use that paintchat thingy that krytal keeps asking me to go on XD. I think all this might be he cause of the firewall on the router... but I dunno O.o.maybe my internet just hates me xD

well, as you can tell my easter break is overr~ I went back to school yesterday.
on the lasy few days didn't do too much. sunday night played oblivion, went food shopping then rented some movies. haha, I went to sleep like... 6-7am that night.. >_> ehehe. can't remember what I was doing... msn and drawing methinks xD.

Monday... woke up around 2pm or so. We were going to go buy chocolate, like late easter eggs ^^; but there wasn't any time since we had to watch the movies and return them by 7pm.

The movies we watched were Flight Plan, and Oceans 12.

I liked Flight Plan... it was in interesting xD. but Oceans 12.. I was compeltly bored by it >_> couldn't stand to watch it xD. My dad didn't like it either. he said 11 was better. but I havent seen it so I can't say ^^;.
I stopped watching after about 20 or so mins, then went on the computer instead. felt like a total waste of time xD. My dad watched it till the end though. I could still kind of watch it, since my computer and the TV are right next to each other.

We also got dodgy DVD's that are horribly scratched and covered in fingerprints, it kept freezing during the movie ~_~. I really hate that. It's not that hard to take care of a CD/DVD. all you do is take it out of the case, put it in the player, then when you finished, take it out and put it back in the case, and not touch the shiny side -_- it is not difficult. I dunno what people must do to those DVD's. Seriously. I don't care what they do to their own DVD's, they can damage it as much as they like. just hope that they learn something when it stops working on them >_>

After watching those movies I think I just played oblivion or something XD. and for dinner that night we had this Apricot Chicken curry stuff... it was interesting xD it sounded so weird, but it doesn't really taste weird. I just think it needed more variety in vegetables and stuff. tasted a little plain.

On Tuesday, I went to Claire's house with Sara. that was the only time seeing friends the whole holidays XD. we didn't do much, just went on the internet and talkedd. we hadn't seen each other for a while, so yeahh~ It was fun =3 I also printed some of my CD covers. I seriously need a printer of my own ~_~

well, I'd better finish off now. going to be working on final cut pro again. sooo, seeyaz everyonE~ =3