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shadowdragon22 [userpic]

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January 21st, 2010 (02:20 am)

My new Mp3 player arriveded in the mail today =DDDD

haha i have been mp3-less for a while ]= my old one broke, because my dad's front usb connection to his computer was stuffed, and when i plugged it in, it killed my mp3.. ;_;
and then Daniel gave me his old one because he didn't want it, and I can see whyy. It was so dodgy, really frustrating to navigate, looks like an ipod rip off on the outside, and really cheap when you look at the menus, and stopped allowing me to put new sogns on it after a while, also when trying to play music, allot of the songs the screen would go blue with a black bar in the centre. and then, the sound started getting stuffed too, i could only hear sound through one headphone, no matter what headphoens weer plugged in, and that is really annoying.

I also was using my dad's one for a while, because i didn't have a proper working one, and then when out with my friend, i tripped, and fell to the ground, and broke the mp3 in the process, because it was in my pocket and i fell on it ;_; I felt really bad about it, and now will be buying him another one, which i haven't yet because he hasn't decided what model he wants XD.

I also decided to order one from ebay, and it just arrived today =D
it's a shiny black samsung~


I love the black and blue glowiness <3 black with blue glowies is the best, hehe.

I'd post a real photo, if i had a working camera xD I really sohuld buy one soon, I miss taking photos of random objects at weird angles.

ah my sleep pattern is SO SHTUFFED Dx I have been going to sleep between 5am-10am .-. I really needd to fix it, especially since it's my birthday party BBQ thing on friday and I need to get up at 12 to prepare XD. [i been waking up 4-5pm lately....]It should be fun though =3 just hopee i get sleep beforehand XD i might need lotsa coffee~

The wather has also been so colld lately, my brand new air con hasn;t been usd that much at all. I have actually been using it as a HEATER. Yay for Melbourne and it's crazy weather XD, 43 degrees one day then freezing the next.

Other than that there's not much else happening, I've just been playing Grandia and King's Bounty, and the other day my friend Sarah slept over and we had an anime marathon, and watched almost all of Kuroshitsuji together, and then I finished it off when she left XD.

I'd post more WIP's, sketches and such if I had done anything new Dx i haven't been drawing much at all lately, though i have started doing the charity meme for DA, and will hopefully not take too long to get that done =3

Wah this entry has become pretty long.. O_o well at least i have started to use this thing again =3 even though most of the entries are going to be pretty boring, like this one. as my life is not that exciting XD. But i will try to post the occasional art update, when i actually make some art ^^

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