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shadowdragon22 [userpic]

so late... so earlyy... 8D

April 30th, 2006 (05:50 am)

hahaha... nearly 6am now XD; I am insane >_>;;

I am not even doing anything either, just sitting here... wasting time. I keep thinking "I should go to sleep" but then I don't do anything XD. I can't be bothered getting up from the computer .-.
It's like I might miss something, if I get off O.o.

I finished another picture, am working on art trade slowly.. and started fixing up one of my old pics [do that allot XD]

Whoo, I feel kind of dizzy @_@ must be from lack of sleep 8D; my hands are also frozen, and it's a bit hard to type xD; I will go to sleep... after I finish this entry... yes I will >_>. ehehe.

Well.. so far this weekend didn't do anything really. I stayed up till 2am yesterday. I was also being really clumsy, and I spilled a plate of hot fish [with sauce stuff in them] and rice in my lap X_x. Dunno how I managed to do that.. the plate kind of tipped. ^^;. It burrnnnssss x.x. it was fresh from the oven/rice cooker. Sooo stoopid of me >_>. After that I burnt my hand on the oven. then stepped on sticky rice on the floor... X_x

I really need to be more careful next time ^^;.

and I already run out of things to type about.. 8D *half dead*
I will go to sleep noww~ don't want to screw up my sleep pattern over a weekend. That's for holidays >>;

Seeyaz everyone~ =3