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shadowdragon22 [userpic]

May 20th, 2006 (04:52 pm)

yays, update from meh~ x3

well... lately not too much been happening, well some stuff O.o. haha TAFE been fun, lol, yesterday we watched last year's Eurovision for Oral Communication. We've been watching quite a few movies in that class.. one was rather sick and weird O.o'
Eurovision was cool =D I was going to watch the finals thing for this year last night at home but my TV i my room has no antenna, so no channels 8D;. I never watch TV so didn't think I needed one, lol XD;;;

The multimedia movie is going... badly T_T. We ditched the alice in wonderland idea because half the group wasn't doing anything and we just couldn't do it. so now it's just me, brennan and daniel. and we don't know what we are doing X_x;. Kay said she could probably help as well, and one of Brennan's friends as well, so that's good ^^. I am also going to help out in Kat's group as well, because I want to do GOOD in multimedia, so helping out in several groups would probably be good XD;

and I'm performing in one week zomg o.o; sooo nervous. I also gotta set up the soundtrack for my performence ack X_x. I'm soo nervousss. I hope I do okay >_>. mine is like about a bird who loses his parents because they get killed by a hunter and then the bird finds a sword and kills the hunter in revenge.... ^^;

I also hurt my leg, it is like very difficult for me to walk at times ~_~; I think it is from that time me, Brennan and Daniel were walking around for like 3 hours to get to Brennan's house from a faraway station, then go get a DV Tape from JB Hi-Fi for multimedia, and I am not used to walking long distances for long periods of time *really unfit* X_x;
So it must have put too much strain on my foot or something, since I can't walk on it much. for a short while I am fine, but then if I walk for a bit it starts to really hurt, and I start walking around really funny looking very stupid, while walking very very slowly, trailing really behind >_>. It's been like that for the last week or so. my dad says it would probably take a couple of weeks to recover. T_T

haha, also just had my bracers tightnened yesterday and I can't bite into anything X_x; I can kinda use the side teeth [molars methinks they called] to chew though, nothing too hard though. I hate it when they get tightened, hurts so much every time X_x, but would never compare to how much they hurt when I first got the bracers, it was horrible XD; I couldn't even eat the softest of things XD.

but good news! I'm getting the top half off in 3 weeks!! YAY =DDD the bottom ones still need to stay for a while though XD;.

hehehe, I am also finally getting the blue streaks in my hair! ^_^ Kat's mum is going to do it for me on monday x3 she's hairdresser, so yah. =DDDDD can't wait ^_^ <3 Blue

I am finally setting up a paypal account xD;; I can soon pay for stuffs online, yay! =D.
I want to comission some peoples, buy subbies, and buy prints and stuffies XD. I already commissioned lunar for a start x3. because it would be easier to first commission someone I know and I need to get a hang of how paypal works XD. so yeahh.

I am STILL working on that art trade pic, very slowly XD working on BG now and taking forever. but I am not allowing myself to draw anything else until this is finished so I gotta finish it XD.

I can't wait till the holidays x3 - about 4 weeks away or something I think... something like 15th June till 2nd July methinks XD. I have no idea what I'll be doing - the usual probably; Oblivion, Drawing, Internet xD but... at the end of my holidays is Animania~! [then after that they will be over nuu T_T XD] and there's also Manifest closer to the end of the year which I also hope to go to x3.
I muuust go XD. Since I never went before T_T wanted to go for the last two years to an animecon XD. I probably won't cosplay though >_> since I know like NOTHING about making clothes, and it really feels like there isn't enough time. XD. and yayy! people are actualy going to come with me!! ^__^
there's also Kat's birthday party... which is on the SAME DAY X_x. hahah, luckily it's a different times so I should be able to go to both x3. since I think Animania finishes at 4.. and Kat's party ish at 7 xD. Would have been soo ebil if they were at the same times XD;

and... and...

I can't waiiiittt, another thing to look forward to on the end of my holidays =DDD and she's coming with me to animania!! ^___^ I'm soo exitedd! nervous too xDDD I'll probably be pretty shy at first... but it's going to be sooo awesome to meet her! after knowing her for 3 years on msn x333

and wow, I havent actuaklly played any oblivion lately XDD; kinda having a break from it I guess. hahaha, I also heard of this other game, that is a pparently supposed to be similar to Obliviob; tis' called Two Worlds... it looks interneting, though there isn't much info on it XD. I'll have to check it out, I wonder if it's going to be any good, lol. If it is I want to play it x3. *loves games like oblivion*

hehe, I also set up two screens onto my computer!! it was mostly to test it since the other screen is a TV screen xDD. Currently lacking a spare moniter that I can use constantly atm. the large 21 inch CRT moniter behind me cannot be used becaue Lochlan uses it when he comes over, and it's too heavy to move back and forth. and the other spares that were lying around have dissapeared XD. unfourtunately on the TV screen it is very fuzzy and you cannot read text, because they aren't as shart as computer moniters T_T.

I also have a little problem with the tablet. now half the tablet is one screen and the other half is the other screen... so horizontally the cursor is stuffed XD. it's really weird to draw. I can kind of but everything turns out stretched and stuff. my dad is going to have a look at that later, and hopefully fix it. It's so cool to be able to drag windows from screen to screen, hahaha 8D; the other screen right now has a bunch of photoshop windows on it on top of the desktop picture and it looks funny XD.

andd... I think that is it for the moment, ^^. Seeyaz everyone~! =D