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shadowdragon22 [userpic]

an update. FINALLY

July 16th, 2006 (12:53 pm)

well, I finally decide to update my LJ... after... quite a while XD *been lazeh*
well.. quite a bit has happened I guess. can't really be bothered typing about it all. haha.
saw some performances, had holidays, performed, saw friends. lol. so yeah.

I also got a layout ^_^ I was getting sick of the boring black and grey default one. So I decided to go use one, this layout Kumori used to have, it's an awesome Sasuke one ^_^. and also big thanks to her for helping out with putting it on! I had some problems with it, lol. there was a little bug in the coding which wrecked the layout XD

I was going to be getting a layout from Aeryn but no idea what happened with that... So I'll just use this one until I get it, if I ever do XD;

hmm... I have also formed a little obsession with the japanese band w-inds. and Keita[lead singer] ._. [most of you would probably know already anyways xD] hahahaha. They're awesome =D lol, so funny sicne it's usually anime characters xD

the games I've been playing lately have mostly been Heroes of Might and Magic V, and Oblivion. I am just trying to focus on those two atm, so I can actually finish them 8D; I often start a game, then go start something else, and so on. Then I never finish anything ^^; TOO MANY GAMES TO PLAY @___@ dunno where to start XD

Right noe it is lunch break and I'm just sitting in the computer lab. I'm pretty bored, dunno what to dooo D: hahaha. That's why I'm typing this, lol. I was going to be playing the card game Express this lunch time, but it didn't happen. lunch is like ending in 5 mins or something XD

I had NO sleep last night, none XD; I'm so dead, but then I go into rando,m hyperness, lol. but I am struggling to stay awake for a bit of the time. right now... I just feel okay XD but I think I'm going to want to go straight to bed when I get home, haha. but nooo, I gotta do cleaning T_T

well, lunch is over~! gotta go now xD Seeyaz alll!


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