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shadowdragon22 [userpic]

Nice clean house... sorta XD

March 14th, 2006 (02:17 am)

Well, I just finished cleaning the house... finally! XD it has been ages since it has been cleaned >_> was so dirty and stuff. Well.. it still is dirty in places, like I still need to clean my room, and my desk @_@ it's a horrible mess. It's mostly the kitchen, bathroom and livingroom that was cleaned today. I washed the floors, wiped the benches snd stove, wahsed the dishes.. XD and I got $12 for it! yay!! ^__^

Tomorrow we are going to clear the table in the living that has piles of random CD's and computer games on it, we were meant to sort that out when moving in here, but never got around to it ^^; once the computers were unpacked we kinda stopped unpacking the rest of the stuff, that are still in boxes right now XD

Well it's so much nicer now, without all that crap on the floor and benches. But that will all get dirty again sooonn >> it never stays clean for long XD

I might clean my room tonight before going to sleep. well I should probably go to sleep now O.o it's 2am... XD
but while I'm still in a sorta "cleaning mood" I might as well XD it's horrible messy. since I no longer really have any friends come over I kinda don't bother cleaning my room as much, me very lazeh >_>

today I also slept heaps, I went to bed really early last night, like 10pm [it's early for me! XD], and I slept till 11am. but still I was very tired, so I slept again about 5pm till 7. and felt even worse when I woke up ~_~ it's kinda like the tired I get from oversleeping, so I guess that's why. but after some coffee I felt much better! XD

I'm hoping that these holidays I'll at least finish my next ID, and two other pics I've started ages ago but kinda gotten lazy on them ^^; one is an art trade, yes! an art trade! a really late one ._. must finish~ the person I did the art trade forgot we even did that trade, that's how late it is ^^;;

Also got some spiffy new glasses yesterday[the kind you drink in] XD we went shopping at knox and my dad had this gift card voucher thing for Myer, and he wanted to use it on something so we got some glasses XD they are like these tall square-shaped ones and are pretty cool.

The majority of glasses in my house are these mustard glasses XD we get the Tomy brand mustard, the jar is in is in a nice glass sorta shape, we have so many of those XD but we don't really care that much if they break, lol.

I also got vol 06 of FMA with the collectors tin =3 I thought I might have been too late to get one of those but luckily the JB there still had one copy left ^^ my dad also boguht some new blank DVD's, with another gift card thingy XD but I am not allowed to use them, I hafta buy my own. XD I kinda used up 80% of the last 50 pack he used... ehehe >_> he wasn't too happy ^^;

Well, cant' think of anything else to say atm, so I'll seeyaz all later XD

shadowdragon22 [userpic]

My first entry~ ^^

March 12th, 2006 (02:55 pm)

well, I got myself a Livejournal! ^_^

I dunno if I'll update this very frequently... but I will try to not let it die. I used to have a Xanga, I first updated it daily[ ...very long entries too @_@] then every few days, then every few months... then it died. haha XD
This journal is probably going to be pretty happy - I don't normally rant about stuff and stuff XD I just talk about random things and about my days >_>

well, it is now the holidays! ^_^ my first term was so short.. like 5 weeks XD but the second term so long T_T it's all messed XD
I am just planning to watch Naruto and anime stuff. big big thankyou to BlueOkami for giving me Naruto! ^_^ *glomps*
I also have a little obsession with Sasuke atm[as most of you would already know] xD he's so cool!

And then when Oblivion comes out on the 20th I will be playing that. I can't waiiiit x3 The elder scrolls are great.

The VCAl Arts and Multimedia course so far is awesome! I think it is waaaay better then high school. I also met some really cool people in my class! ^_^ it's nice and relaxing and you don't get much Homework, well so far anwyays XD you still have to do evil math too - but it's pretty easy XD Math = Evilness

I like the multimedia and visual arts classes. there's also theatre stuff as well. this term I had circus skills and scriptwriting XD and next term having differnt ones. they are okay so far, I prefer the multimedia and arts classes way more XD they also go so quick o.o 2 and a half hours gone in no time.

So far in multimedia we just did some film and image stuff with i-movie and i-photo, and yeah, we use macs XD those are ebil >_>

and in visual arts we like got a piece of clothing and froze it in plasta stuff and we are going to paint it XD mine turned out okay I guess... might take photo and submit to DA if it turns out good XD

lol, we also get to wear free dress and during lunch time, can just buy stuff on chapel st =D there's all these shops. I also buy manga during lunchtime since there's a really nearby comic store, well two actually XD I just gotta stop wasting money on $3-4 drinks and snacks >_> but very cool =3

okay, well I'll just go off to watch some Naruto now ^^ Seeyaz everyone!!!

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